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Lateral Connections

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Lateral ConnectionsLateral ConnectionsLateral ConnectionsLateral Connections

Lateral Connections - Brochure (PDF)

Lateral Connections - Submittal Sheet (PDF)

Lateral Tee - Submittal Sheet (PDF)

  • 2", 2.5" and 3" Sizes
  • Class 350 Ductile Iron
  • Easy Mainline Pipe To Lateral Pipe Transition
  • Self-Restrained Bell Outlets, MPT Outlets and FPT Outlets
  • Available In 90 Elbow and Tee Configurations

CAD Detail Drawings

L90-2 MPT Adapters (PDF) (DWG)

L90-3 MPT Adapters (PDF) (DWG)

L90-3xSB adapter for Globe Valve (PDF) (DWG)

L90-3xx Adapter (PDF) (DWG)

L90 Adapter & Gate Valve (PDF) (DWG)

L90 with Globe Valve (PDF) (DWG)

L90-xxx Adapter (PDF) (DWG)

 L90-200 (PDF) (DWG)

L180-3xSB for Globe (Top view) (PDF) (DWG)

L180-3xSB for Globe Valve (PDF) (DWG)

L180 Adapter (PDF) (DWG)

L180-xxx Adapter (PDF) (DWG)

Lat 90-Spigot x Bell (PDF) (DWG)

Lat 180-Spigot x Bell (PDF) (DWG)

LF90 & 180 Adapter (PDF) (DWG)

LF90 & LF180 Adapters (PDF) (DWG)

LX-Series Extensions (PDF) (DWG)

RCV installed on LF90 (PDF) (DWG)